Tips Best Architects in Lahore

While there are many paid resources, there are many free resources that you can also use, Best Architects in Lahore. Here are some tips to help you pass the AREs without spending hundreds of dollars on online books, courses, or other paid content.

NCARB Online Resources When I took my first exam, I was unaware of the amount of information that the National Council of Architectural Registration Board provided on its website Best Architects in Lahore.

Each exam has exam-specific resources. These include sample questions, pass rates, study areas, and suggested resources.

Before you do anything, I recommend that you read through the entire NCARB website content for the exam you are taking.

 Get involved in the NCARB ARE Google+ Communities

The NCARB Google+ Community was crucial to my understanding of how to solve the four vignettes. It also led me to realize why I failed my first exam. It was beneficial to read other people’s comments and see the areas where I had to improve my study material.

The community can be where you feel understood and accepted at a time that suits your needs. If you are a part of the community and open to asking questions, they can hold you responsible for your studies and continue your exams. This is some powerful stuff.

You can access the thoughts of others in the country experiencing the same thing you are – that makes it the coolest.

 You can find YouTube videos

YouTube has tons of videos, from NCARB’s overview testing software, questions, and vignettes to Best Architects in Lahore, where they explain and walk through the answers and give explanations. These videos are essential for understanding the software you will test on test day. They also help you know what questions you might be asked and how to interpret them. These three concepts will help you to be a great student!

 Make the most of local resources

Although I don’t recommend spending any money, you may need to make a few extra bucks. Before you do, check to see if there are any testing materials that you can borrow from anyone nearby. Your local AIA Chapter, your local architecture firm, or nearby firms are the best places to start looking. You will likely find someone with at least some of the resources you need, which can save you lots of money. You could suggest to your library or firm that they acquire them if they don’t already have them. These resources will be beneficial for many other people in the future. AIA chapters are particularly eager to license more designers so that they can provide them.

 Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are the best. Podcasts are my best friend. I listen to them on my commute and while doing other tasks (like rendering) and cooking. The Black Spectacles podcast is my favorite architecture podcast. The podcast takes audio from YouTube videos and turns it into podcast format. Although it can be hard to see what is happening in the video, it makes you more aware of what you are listening to. It would help if you heard every word to understand what’s happening entirely. The podcast features a mock exam for paid subscribers. They then go through the answers and encourage you to think about the questions like NCARB would want you to, Interior Designers in Lahore.

 Use summary notes

These notes were created by wonderful people and are available to anyone who needs them. You can also download them on your smartphone for quick review, no matter where you may be. This was particularly helpful as I didn’t have the time or ability to study for my 2 hours per day during work. Caroline Joseph’s Notes and Jenny’s Notes are the best notes I have found. They are both very thorough and easy to use while on the move. You can find many more resources by doing a quick Google search. With the new 5.0 testing system, you will soon have various resources geared towards 5.0.


If you’re still reading this and haven’t registered, sign up now! It’s not a bad idea to do so! The best way to motivate yourself to study is by signing up for the exam. Failing the exam is the worst thing that could happen, but that’s perfectly acceptable. My first exam failed, and I was disappointed that I lost a few hundred dollars. However, I realized I needed more time to change my approach to studying. I discovered that tons of free resources were available and became a better designer for it.

The worst thing that could happen to you is that you are now much more knowledgeable than you were when you started. Read more: dell powerflex architecture