SmartZip Review – The Best Software For Real Estate Work

Real Estate service providers and investors commonly use software to manage their stuff because the software provides great help in saving time. Your stuff that takes hours to complete gets finished in a few minutes. Software is useful if you know the exact pattern of using it.

Software is used in big fields, and Real Estate is also a big field having endless investments and projects. Construction never stops in any country, and keeping the records of endless transactions in a notebook is impossible. That’s why this software is used to manage the stuff. Now in Real Estate, you get numerous software providing different work. Some software is good at lead generation, while others are good at tracking your investment and profit.

So different software of different formats are available, but we are here to review a popular software named SmartZip. SmartZip is a common software for real estate investors and service providers. It has great features that comfort everyone involved in real estate. By reviewing this software, we’ll explain its benefits, like how it can ease your life when you use it for work.

SmartZip Intro and Review

SmartZip is software created by a team of experienced developers. It operates through its website, social media platforms like LinkedIn, and business listing websites like CrunchBase. When it was first released, it had gotten no attention from real estate investors and agents, but SmartZip worked hard to promote its software; now, agents can’t live without it.

It has mainly 3 programs through which it operates. Each program has different work, and SmartZip has a professional team running these 3 programs through one platform. Its 3 programs on which this SmartZip operates are as follows:

  1. Reach 150
  2. Smart Data
  3. Smart Targeting

These are its 3 programs and now let’s dig deep into its details. If you can gain expertise in any of these programs, you can make endless cash through real estate investors. Mastering these skills and pitching them to investors can help you make quick money. And when you succeed in providing the best results to investors, you can make good money through SmartZip. However, investors can also learn to use this software and save time on useless listings.

Reach 150

Reach 150 is the first program offered by SmartZip, and its features can never be counted because you can’t expect an excellent output from other software. When you don’t have any reviews, you can’t convince any customer to use your service, but when you have some reviews, surely you can convince a client and attract him to your service.

This Reach 150 program by SmartZip can help you solve this problem. When you don’t have positive reviews to represent, Reach 150 will help because it’s a program designed with eye-catching reviews that will positively impact your client’s mind. The reviews provided by Reach 150 can change your client’s mind because of its extraordinary design.

Reach 150 will determine the review provided by the client you worked with. That review will be designed by Reach 150 and added in one place. So if you have got multiple reviews, Reach 150 will arrange them in one place and when you have to show those reviews to your clients, Reach 150 has already figured them in one place. So reading multiple reviews in one place can change your client’s mind, and you can convince him to use your service.

That’s how this Reach 150 operates. Several other software is available in the market, but you have to pay more and get a single service, whereas SmartZip offers the other 2 services with a fair price label. So that’s how this Reach 150 works, and let’s jump to the second offer.

Smart Data

Smart Data seems to provide single work but delivers multiple outputs in one place. This is the best tool by SmartZip, offering some extraordinary features that will boost your conversion in real estate. This Smart Data has an extensive database added by SmartZip for investors looking for multiple properties to invest in.

You can access over 1 billion properties, including residential and commercial buildings, from 25 different sources. SmartZip works with 25 other organizations to get the best residential and commercial targets. Those targets are listed on their software’s page through Smart Data. That data is visible to people using SmartZip’s Smart Data subscription.

Smart Targeting
Smart Targeting

The 2nd best thing about this Smart Data is the Predictive Analysis feature. Every real estate investor has some stats in their mind. Let me clear this with an example. Suppose you want to invest in a property where established brands are about to jump. In that case, you get a Predictive Analysis Score Calculator to know the expected price after big brands build their buildings in the area you want to invest in.

Using that score calculator will help you measure the profit you will get after investing in that area. Now there can be two conditions. If the calculation goes according to your plan, you can make a handsome amount, but if your plan fails, you can lose money. So be careful before following the Predictive Analysis tool. You can calculate the expected output, but your data can also go wrong. So without proper confirmation, never invest your money in this idea.

Smart Targeting

Smart Targeting is the last thing offered by SmartZip. Now this one is interesting. In Smart Targeting, you get everything placed on one platform. Smart Targeting is a list compiled in one place and is visible to people who have participated in this program. Investors and service providers can use this program. To highlight more stuff about this, let me share some more details.

Smart Targeting compiles the list of leads where brokers and agents are active. Service providers can approach those brokers and agents to see the home they are willing to sell. On a single visit, you can examine the necessary maintenance and how much money is required to fix that home’s issues. When you have a clean diagram in your mind, you can contact the investors who have been working with you for years.

Contact them and let them know that you have found a property that requires a minimum investment for maintenance, and the profit will be countless in numbers. If the investor gets ready to invest in the property you found, you can earn a good commission, and the investor will make a handsome amount of money. That’s how you can maintain your service quality and earn money through SmartZip’s Smart Targeting program.

Bonus Offer

If SmartZip doesn’t come into your budget, then there is another way to find wholesale targets and forward them to your investors to earn commissions. Skip Tracing is the only thing that is preferable when you have no money for SmartZip. You can find wholesale targets through Skip Tracing and pitch them to the investors on your list.

Make good connections with Skip Tracing firms like Lert Skip Tracing. Build connections and ask them to provide the best wholesale targets. If you have good connections with them, they will help you once. Grab that property location and seller’s current address, pitch that to your investor, and earn commissions like a PRO.


So these were the 3 powerful programs offered by SmartZip, and I’ve also shared one alternate program when SmartZip is out of budget. You have got 4 directions to follow, but make sure to follow directions and work hard on them. Indeed, you will find success if you follow a single direction because multiple directions can never lead you to the right destination, Read more stamparticle.