The best food items for food donations

It’s time to donate food, st mary’s food bank glendale az, and the list of perishable goods that food banks require to assist people in desperate need can be long.

It covers essential food items like flour, sugar, rice, oil, breakfast cereals, canned vegetables, and many more. Naturally, you may be able to pick more expensive snacks as well as foods that low-income families can’t afford.

If you’re looking to offer healthy food items that will last longer, Here is a list of suggestions sourced from the site, owned by the Nutrition Reference Center of the Universite de Montreal, st mary’s food bank glendale az.

Canned legumes

Very nutritious and nourishing food and nourishing, they can be prepared in various ways. We provide more than one hundred simple and delicious recipes. You will be spoilt by the types available such as chickpeas, lentils, white, black or red beans, etc.

Canned fish

Canned seafood and fish are two foods that are protein-rich and have healthy fats (omega 3, in particular).).

Herring, salmon, sardines mackerel, clams, and herring. Make sure you offer a variety! If you decide to go with tuna, you should first look to see the 2013 Sustainable Tuna Rankings list, published by Greenpeace, to determine which tuna is the most environmentally friendly.

Soups in cans

There’s a variety of soups available however they tend to be extremely salty. Make sure to select more salt-free versions.

Pasta and Pasta Sauce

The ideal food for emergencies, pasta can be stored for quite an extended period. Whole wheat kinds of pasta are healthier and filling. For sauces, as well as canned tomatoes, stay clear of glass containers, which are not allowed in food drives due to the possibility of breaking. You can find thousands of recipes for pasta here.

Peanut and Almond Butter

They are great to eat for lunch or as a snack; they are rich in calories and protein. It would help if you chose the natural and creamy variety.


There are numerous types of commercially available. Pick ones that are richer in fiber content and don’t have too much fat or sodium. Fruit purees and canned fruits.

Innovative alternatives to fresh fruit Select those with no sugar added, st mary’s food bank glendale az.

Breakfast cereals

It will help if you choose varieties that have whole grains as the primary ingredient. Each serving must include greater than 3 grams of fiber, approximately 3 grams of protein, less than 3 grams of fat, and less than 5 grams of sugar.

Infant formula

Infant formula is a pricey food that is well-loved by families with less money.

Shelf-stable milk

If you give milk, make sure you choose one that is kept at room temperature or alternatives like rice, soy, or even almond milk drinks.

A few extra tips for Canadians Do not forget that you can utilize the “Advanced search” function under the “Recipes” tab on the website to search for recipes that cost just $1! Read more blogs.