Four Reasons to Use Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is used to transmit multimedia sessions and voice communications over the Internet. It is widely used as a telephone network for business phones and offers businesses benefits that cannot be achieved with traditional fixed networks. If your company is using an outdated phone network without VoIP technology, there are four reasons why you should replace it with VoIP phone systems.

1. Lower costs

A VoIP phone network reduces your costs in several ways. There is no need to purchase equipment since the phones are owned by the service provider. VoIP technology allows subscribers to use the phone network from any Internet terminal, including smartphones, and avoid the costs associated with long-distance calls. The VoIP fax interface also reduces long-distance call costs and improves fax quality.

2. Impressive features

Video calling is a standard feature of VoIP phone systems for business phones. As mentioned earlier, a fax interface can be used to enhance fax communication; other features that distinguish VoIP phone networks from traditional phone networks are voicemail to email, call tracking, and call directories. Unlike traditional network features, hosted network features are constantly updated to improve the customer experience.

3. Remote access to systems

Because VoIP uses the Internet to make calls, VoIP phone network users can make calls from any Internet terminal. This allows them to make cost-effective calls, even when they are traveling or telecommuting. With traditional landline networks, calls had to be made from the network facility’s phone line, which is a major drawback for today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

4. Fewer dropped calls

Users of hosted VoIP networks report fewer dropped calls than users of traditional landlines. They also report better call quality. If your Internet service is reliable and your network has sufficient bandwidth, call drops due to service interruptions should be avoided and the voice on the line should be static.


Hosted VoIP phone systems for business are the ideal solution for companies that rely heavily on phone services and need a network model with four elements that traditional fixed networks rarely offer: excellent cost-effectiveness, advanced network features, remote system access, and low call failure rates.

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Cecilia Lyman Robertson is a 44-year-old CEO who enjoys networking, VoIP phone, also Send and Receive Faxes Online. She has a post-graduate degree in business studies.