Don’t Buy bomber safety glasses without These 3 Features in 2023

Bomber safety glasses, What are the most important things to look for when purchasing safety glasses? The first and most important thing is that you require a pair of glasses that are better than a simple pair of sunglasses.

We at Bomber Eyewear, we like to claim that our safety equipment “works as hard as you do” -and we certainly place our trust where our mouth is at by using that slogan!

If you’ve been on your job for many years or choosing the first set of glasses for a new sport we’ve got your back. When trying to find out how to select one of the best safety eyewear There are three primary aspects to be looking for. (And you’ve guessed it the entire Bomber safety line ticks the three box, bomber safety glasses.

For Ultimate Protection, Choose ANSI Z87:

Generally speaking, the safety eyewear is needed for construction sites, factories or workshops, or any other place where eyes safety can be a primary security issue. The certification that a pair of glasses are able to do the task to protect you from harm is known as the ANSI Z87+.

ANSI is the acronym for the acronym ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, an institution that establishes and safeguards the standards of conformity of products in the United States. This is an elaborate way of saying that they ensure that American products in line using their rating systems When an item is certified by ANSI, it is in compliance with the standards ANSI has established for its specific product category.

Eyewear that meets the criteria to be certified by ANSI Z87+ are the ones that are best made for safety as they minimize the chance of hazardous substances or conditions that could cause eye injuries. ANSI Z87+ is designed specifically to monitor products that are used in areas such as labs or machine shops where cutting, welding chemical handling, welding and assembly all be dangerous and pose a danger.

What this means for you is that ANSI Z87+-certified glasses will be the best safety glasses to wear for work:

If you’re aware of the is the best certification to search for and what you should look for, it’s time to become specific about your eyes. In general, ANSI accreditation will be “enough” to know that you’ll be safe while working. What’s the deal about the factors ANSI doesn’t consider? For instance, ANSI certification doesn’t cover the “silly” things — for example, what happens if your glasses fall off to the nose bridge, or the best way to prevent your glasses from fogging in humid or hot work places, bomber safety glasses.

In these types of situations it is necessary to have particular lens designs and frame features that will adapt to your needs. We at Bomber Eyewear, we offer many lens and frame designs (not just cool colors, though we also love those).

For instance, the anti-fog treatment for the lenses prevents them from getting smudges during your work. Bifocals are the best choice for those working using small materials (or suffer from close and distant vision just like us). Based on your profession or interests specific to your interests, a certain type of safety lens may be more suitable for you than other. Our safety lenses offer many options and doesn’t compromise comfort or style. Discover your favorite options on our website!

Look For Protection Against Specific Hazards:

After you’ve picked an ANSI Z87+-certified set of sunglasses that check every box of your personal style, you can look for the “extra” bits of protection that are associated with your interests or profession.

This connects to the earlier step of identifying the types of work you’re doing and the possible ways you could make use of your glasses is an excellent method to establish the basis to determine what you’re seeking. Take it one step further by thinking about the possible hazards you might encounter when working.

One of the things that people from the Bomber community like about the safety equipment we offer is our patented foam Lining. This lining doesn’t just ensure that our glasses are the most comfortable available on the market, but it also allows the glasses to flotation in water. (That’s part of our thing, in fact.) In addition, our foam liner keeps your glasses over your head, decreasing the chance of sliding and providing an effective barrier to the elements. (Check out the SPOGGLE to find complete wind, sweat and just about anything else that requires protection from foam!

Apart from convenience, be sure to look for features such as the detachable side shields that are included on our uber-popular BUZZ Bombs. If you’re planning to be outdoors using the standard UV-A and UV-B protection of sunglasses is a good option. (And be aware that the majority of “clear” safety glasses don’t include this feature.

It’s that easy! After you’ve completed your research, you’re now ready to search for the perfect pair of glasses. Here’s a hint you can find it at Bomber’s store. Bomber store.