What are the prices for electricians in Dubai?

When choosing an Electrical Services in Dubai, one of the first questions is how much the electrician will cost. Depending on the number of hours, the nature of the work, and the company you are hiring the electrician from, electricians in Dubai typically charge between AED 129 and AED 250 per hour.

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For your convenience, we have included the variables that affect an Electrical Services in Dubai cost below.

How several hours

The cost of hiring an electrician in Dubai is based on how long the project takes to finish. The price per hour will reduce as the number of hours you’re employing an electrician rises. Therefore, using an electrician for an hour will cost approximately AED 135. However, hiring for 7 hours will be less expensive. Thus, the number of hours plays a significant role in determining how much it will cost to hire an electrician in Dubai.

Typically, rates range from AED135 to AED150 per hour. However, you can hire qualified electricians through ServiceMarket for as little as AED99 per hour!

Type of project

Depending on the project’s nature, it may involve installing switches, sockets, or transformers, repairing electrical appliances, or designing the entire electrical system.

It will cost you more if you wish to install something and need extra parts, such as switches or electrical appliance components. Simple wiring, buttons, and lightbulbs may not be expensive, but some replacement parts, such as those for innovative home systems, can dramatically increase the overall cost.

The sort of project will also affect how much it would cost to hire an Electrical Services in Dubai. Given the less complicated electric wiring structure, a business project costs more, whereas household electrical work costs less. Click here to learn more about the many electrician specialties offered in Dubai and who would be best suited to do the electrical work in your house.

In addition, compared to the mighty equipment utilized in industrial projects, electrical appliances used in home dwellings are more prevalent and have simpler parts.


A trained electrical professional will hold different degrees in the field. He will be qualified to fix a wide range of electrical devices. He will therefore be more knowledgeable about how to handle various electrical issues. Naturally, he will price more than an electrician with less experience.

Average electricians won’t be able to address that issue immediately, but professional Emergency Electrician Dubai will be able to identify the problem immediately and provide a speedy fix. Since the certified electrician will ideally use fewer hours. So than the unqualify one, the overall rate should be comparable or even lower.

knowledge of the subject

An Electrical Services in Dubai with a more excellent experience will be better equippe to handle various issues and operate across departments. In contrast to a novice electrician who has never encountere such an issue before, he will be able to rapidly locate. But address the problem’s source thanks to this. Because of this, he will be able to finish the task more quickly and for less money overall.

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