sbi credit card customer care number in india

Sbi credit card customer care number, Being able to count on a reliable customer service assistance is essential for credit cards. When you’re dealing with inquiries or issues, or require assistance regarding the use of your SBI credit card you must know the number of customer service for the help you require. In this post we’ll give you details about SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number, and provide you with how to reach the customer service department for a variety of reasons, sbi credit card customer care number

 SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: Overview

There is a State Bank of India (SBI) offers a specialized customer service to its customers with credit cards. If you contact their customer support to get help in a variety of issues related to your credit card. This includes general questions report lost or stolen cards, payment and billing support, reward points and grievance resolution.

Contacting SBI Credit Card Customer Care

If you have any problems or have any questions regarding the use of your SBI credit card you are able to contact SBI’s customer service via the below channels:

 General Inquiries

For all general inquiries regarding SBI credit cards you can call their customer support helpline by dialing the following number:

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1290

Be sure to keep your credit card information handy during the call to get rapid and prompt assistance.

 Lost or Stolen Cards

If the SBI credit card gets stolen or lost It is crucial to take action immediately to avoid unauthorised transactions. To report a stolen or lost card, call SBI’s SBI customer service line for credit cards at

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1860 180 1290

Inform the customer service executive regarding the problem They will then guide you through the procedures to remove your credit card and prevent any kind of misuse.

Billing and Payment Assistance

If you have questions about your credit card’s billing, statement, or require assistance with your payments, please contact the SBI credit card customer service support line at:

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1860 180 1290

They will give you the guidance and assistance you require to address any issues related to payment or billing.

Reward Points and Offers

For questions regarding rewards points or redemption choices or special deals available with the SBI credit card contact the customer service department at

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1290

You can ask questions about reward programs that are available as well as the methods to redeem your points, as well as any promotions that are currently running.

Grievance Redressal

If you are facing problems that are not resolved or have grievances relating in connection with the SBI credit card, then you may take the matter with the Grievance Redressal team. You can contact for assistance at the SBI credit card helpline listed below:

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1290

Tell your issue clearly to the customer care representative and they will assist you in resolving the issue according to the bank’s guidelines.

Tips for Effective Communication

When you contact SBI customer care for credit cards Keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth communication:

  • Be clear about your question or concern.
  • Give accurate and pertinent details.
  • Keep a calm and polite voice during the entire conversation.
  • Note down the name of the customer service executive and reference number to be used in the future for information.
  • Follow the guidelines given by the executive with care.

Keep in mind that effective communication will aid in solving your issues quickly and will ensure a pleasant customer experience.


The SBI Credit Card Customer Care number is crucial for SBI credit card holders. With access to their dedicated customer service to seek help with various issues related to credit cards including general queries and reporting stolen or lost cards, as well as billing and payment help, rewards points and grievance resolution. Be sure to keep the number of customer service handy to get prompt assistance when required.

5. FAQs

Q1: Is it possible to contact SBI customer service for credit cards via email?

Apart from telephone assistance, SBI credit cardholders can contact customer service via email. Go to the official SBI site for their email address and the guidelines on how to reach them by email.

Q2: What documentation should I have on hand when making contact with customer support?

If you contact SBI customer service for your credit card It is recommended to keep the credit card information like the number of your card and CVV as well as the CVV, in your wallet. Keep any relevant documents or information about transactions which can aid the customer care representative in interpreting and solving your issue.

Q3 What is that the SBI credit card’s customer service available all hours of the day?

Yes you can, the SBI Credit Card customer service services are available 24 hours a day. You can reach them at any time no matter if it’s during work hours or after hours to help with your questions regarding credit cards.

Q4: Do you have any costs for contact with SBI credit card customer service?

Contacting SBI customer service for credit cards is absolutely free. But, make sure you utilize the specific customer service number mentioned in this article to prevent any unauthorized or fraudulent contact.

Q5: How can I keep track of the progress of my grievance?

Absolutely, SBI provides a Grievance Redressal service that lets you monitor the progress the complaint. The customer care representative will assist you with the steps needed to help you resolve your grievance efficiently.