Protection against “IP grabbers”

In this topic I will explain a little how you can efficiently protect yourself from IP grabbers – without any programs that you have to download.

Introduction (If you want to get started right away, you can skip this part)

What actually is an IP grabber? An IP grabber LIKE Lance  is, for example, a website that exploits security gaps to get your information through a free port. The Internet consists of data packets, these can also be intercepted and read. Another possibility, you send a packet to a target address and get an answer where this information is contained, which the IP Grabber needs. If you want to know more precisely how such a data packet is structured, you can look at the “OSI model”.

For this I have selected an understandable picture with all 7 or 4 layers

How do I protect myself now?

So that you do not allow connections from outside to access your network, we simply close the door (the port) for such connections or do not allow everything anymore.

We have a firewall for this.

– We press the “Windows key” once and type Firewall.

– We open this and navigate to “Advanced Settings”. A new window will now open.

– Here we click on “Inbound rule” and add a new rule. A new window will open again, namely the “Wizard for a new incoming rule”.

– We select “Port” and click “Next”.

– Now select “TCP” and enter “Specific local ports” below

– In this step we want to “Block the connection” and then click “Next”.

– Check “Domain”, “Private” and “Public” if they are not checked and click “Next”.

– Here you can give your rule any name.

– You do the same again for “UDP”.

The Skype settings (if you want to use the whole thing for Skype)

– We open Skype

– In the menu under “Actions” we select “Options”.

– At the very bottom we click on “Advanced” and then on “Connection”.

– “Use port 23267 for incoming connections”.

– “Use ports 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections”: Check (if not active).

– Host: “”.

– Port: “23267”.

– “Use uPNP” can remain active, older Skype versions may still have the option “Allow direct connection to my contacts”. Nothing needs to be changed here either!


Word If you have any questions, you can send them to me – but please here in this thread. I will not respond to PMs containing any queries or issues. Next time I come by, I’ll respond to questions, suggestions and points of criticism.

If someone has another alternative solution to this solution, he/she is welcome to share it with us. It’s always better when you have multiple options!