Municipal shirt mark wahlberg | 5 Kurta Trends for Men to Look Out for in 2024

Municipal shirt mark wahlberg, Kurtas for males have been a staple in Indian fashion for decades, and the fashions of 2023 aren’t any the same! From contemporary interpretations of classic designs to bold, modern-day designs, there’s plenty of kurta styles that men must be watching to this coming year. In this blog we’ll review of five coveted male kurta styles in 2023, so that you can keep in the forefront of fashion trends. Continue checking back to see what kurta designs are certain to make heads turn this year, municipal shirt mark wahlberg!

Yellow Plain Casual Kurta for men

Kurtas for males have been worn for centuries and the timeless design has remained popular to this day. With its timeless appeal the classic kurta style is ideal for formal event. The traditional design features straight cuts, a long length and side slits. The fabric is generally made of cotton, which is light and available in various colors and designs. For a classic appearance opt for a neutral color like yellow, white, beige or grey. For a contemporary twist to the style, consider matching it with slim-fit jeans or a pair of jeans. The timeless classic kurta is suitable for every occasion regardless of whether you’re going to an event or having a relaxed evening with your friends. With a variety of styles to pick from, it’s simple to find the ideal one to complement your outfit.

Blue Printed Kurta for men

Printing a kurta has become among of the most sought-after fashions for males in 2023. The printed kurtas can be found in a range of styles, ranging from strong and bold to slender and elegant. They’re great to pair with trousers or jeans to give a more formal style. Prints vary in style from traditional Indian designs such as florals and paisleys to modern geometric patterns and abstract designs. The printed kurta is offered in a variety fabrics, from light cotton to heavy linen blends. With the many options you can select from, you’re certain to discover something that suits your personal style. You can stand out with bold colors and bold prints, or stay classic and cool by using muted tones and subtle designs, there’s something there to suit everyone!

Green Striped Men’s Kurta

Stripes are a timeless trend that is never out of style and can be found everywhere, from luxury fashion brands, to streetwear. The same is true for men’s kurtas too. They’ve been around for a while and are in high demand! The benefit of striped Kurtas is that they’re very adaptable and could be paired with a dress or down based on the occasion.

If it’s a formal occasion or a casual day out, you’ll be able to be wrong with an elegant colored Kurta. If you’re looking for an elegant look pick a classic stripe-patterned kurta with solid colours such as white and black, or go for subtle stripes with subtle hues like navy blue, beige and brown. If you’re looking to make an impact pick a vibrantly and striped kurta, or one with brighter stripes.

From classic, timeless cuts to contemporary silhouettes The striped kurta is always a fantastic option for a man who is looking stylish and at ease. And with House of Stor’s collection of striped kurtas you’ll be able to find something that fits your personal style!

Red Plain Hooded Kurta

Hooded kurtas offer the perfect mix of style and comfort. No matter if you’re going to an informal outing or formal occasion, these elegant pieces will make you look sharp. In 2019, House of Stori has a stunning range of jacketed Kurtas which are bursting with vibrant colours and unique silhouettes. Hoods give a distinctive appearance they can also be sported either up or down for a more versatile look. These hoods are also incredibly comfortable, making them perfect to wear everyday. When you’re out and about or just relaxing at in the home the hooded kurtas guaranteed stay looking good and comfortable.

Navy Denim Kurta

Denim kurtas are making its return in a huge fashion in 2023. The denim kurta’s been around for quite a while, but this year, it’s creating a big statement and bringing a variety in the fashions of men. Denim kurtas offer the perfect mix of style and comfort, making it the ideal choice at any time. You can dress your denim kurta by pairing it with the right shirt or blazer for a more formal appearance or choose a more casual style with shorts or jeans. There are many ways to dress this timeless piece that will look great on anyone. If you pick a lighter or darker wash, it’s a given that denim Kurtas will be all fashion in 2023.

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