kenwood air conditioner price in pakistan

As scorching summers are being the standard in Pakistan the need to invest in an air conditioner that is reliable is crucial to maintain peace at home and in the office. Kenwood is a renowned brand in the field of appliance provides a variety of air conditioners designed to fit a variety of needs and budgets. In this article we will explore the intricate details of Kenwood air conditioners, their costs in Pakistan and the essential information you should know prior to making a purchase, kenwood air conditioner price in pakistan.

Understanding Kenwood Air Conditioners:

Kenwood air conditioners have been famous for their advanced technologies, efficiency and long-lasting. No matter if you’re looking to purchase a split AC or inverter AC or window AC, Kenwood has a wide range of models to meet diverse preferences and needs. The air conditioners are fitted with features such as turbo cooling and low voltage operation and green refrigerants that ensure the highest performance while minimising environmental impact.

Factors Affecting Kenwood Air Conditioner Prices in Pakistan:

A variety of factors affect the cost for Kenwood air conditioners sold in Pakistan. This includes:

  • Specification and Type: kind (split inverter, split, or windows) as well as the capacity (measured in tons) can significantly affect the price.
  • The efficiency of the air conditioner: ACs that have higher ratings for energy efficiency tend to be more costly initially but can grant long-term savings on your electricity bill.
  • Additional Features: Technologically advanced features like WiFi connectivity, auto-cleaning technologies, as well as air purification system may result in higher costs.
  • Warranty and after-sales service Product with a long warranty coverage as well as reliable after-sales support typically have slightly higher cost tags.

Comparison of Kenwood Air Conditioner Models and Prices:

This is a comprehensive overview of the most popular Kenwood model air conditioners as well as their costs in Pakistan:

ModelTypeCapacityPrice (PKR)
Kenwood eCoolSplit1.5 Ton50,000
Kenwood InverterInverter1 Ton65,000
Kenwood CrystalWindow1.5 Ton45,000

Tips for Buying a Kenwood Air Conditioner in Pakistan:

  • Review Your Needs: Decide the kind, capacity and features you require in relation to the space and the usage patterns.
  • Energy Efficiency: Choose an energy efficient model to lower the long-term cost of operation and reduce environmental impact.
  • Read Reviews: Examine reviews from customers and experts to determine the reliability and performance of the various models.
  • Examine for Warranty and Service Select products that have comprehensive warranty protection and readily available after-sales service channels.


Kenwood air conditioners provide the perfect blend of performance effectiveness, and affordability and are a top option among people in Pakistan. When you consider factors like the type, capacity features, price, and capacity it is possible to select the best Kenwood air conditioning system to combat the heat and remain comfortably throughout the summer.

FAQs: All You Need to Know About Kenwood Air Conditioners in Pakistan

Are Kenwood air conditioners energy-efficient?

Sure, Kenwood offers a range of energy-efficient ACs with inverter technology, as well as other features that reduce the power consumption.

Are there warranties on Kenwood air conditioners? Kenwood air conditioners have a warranty?

It is true that Kenwood offers warranty protection for its air conditioners with the duration of coverage varying upon the type of model as well as kind of unit.

Can I manage the temperature of my Kenwood Air conditioner from a distance?

Certain Kenwood AC models come with Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables users to monitor and control them remotely through an app for your smartphone.

When should I maintain the Kenwood air conditioner? Kenwood air conditioning unit?

It is recommended that you service your Kenwood air conditioner at least once per year to assure maximum performance and long-term durability.

Do Kenwood air conditioners appropriate for large areas?

Absolutely, Kenwood offers air conditioners with different capacities to fit various room sizes as well as models appropriate for rooms with large dimensions.