KBC Helpline Number in India 2023

Get Help From KBC Helpline Number. The next 14th season of the KBC Head Office 2023 Indian quiz programme Kaun Banega Crorepati will feature his participation. Big B Known as “The King of Bollywood,” Amitabh Bachchan Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will be hosting KBC 14 on television. As a learning experience, “KBC” is both fun and informative for viewers. Amitabh Bachchan will be the host once again. Through one of his blogs, he has provided the reader with this piece of information. 79-year-old Bollywood superstar Amitabh has released fresh set photos from the KBC studios.

Big B back to work:

Head Office 2023 announced KBC Helpline Number.”Every time he back to work there are apprehensions and challenges,” Big B stated on his blog. However, it never seems to change seasons. In front of the cameras and the public, things look different, but there are disputes. It’s all in a day’s job. Truth is very essential to me.

Host KBC on his personal blog:

Amitabh has stated his unwillingness to host KBC on his personal blog. Even though he’s repeatedly turned down appearances on this show, he eventually gave in because of how much he cares about it. Even though he occasionally stops to reflect, he ultimately blends in. He joins in when he recalls his dedication to the programme. Despite his best intentions, he admitted, “every time I say ‘never again,’ and yet it all comes back when it comes to commitment.” I continue to try.

Simultaneously, the new season’s promo unveiled on several social media platforms. Here we witness Amitabh Khel making the official announcement of the increased sum of money. Kaun Banega Crorepati’s 14th season will feature a slew of regulation changes. Not only that, but the show’s prize pool has boosted from seven to seven and a half crore rupees.

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Country’s 75th anniversary:

In honour of the country’s 75th anniversary of independence, a new regulation added to KBC this year. This rest area costs 75,000,000 INR. If the contestant gives an incorrect response, they will receive 75 thousand rupees instead of seven hundred thousand.

This show’s debut season premiered on television in 2000. After that, the country’s citizens and viewers took a keen interest in this programme. There have been shifts in who is hosting it. Despite this, the KBC show has been consistently popular among viewers for a long time.

Way of a great mind:

It doesn’t matter what obstacles thrown in the way of a great mind; their brilliance will always be apparent. In the limelight, they shine brightly. Shashwat Goel, a graduate of IIM Lucknow (class of 2016ā€“18) who now works for Flipkart and is creating waves with his stunning performance on Kaun Banega Crorepati, is one such talented young person.

Mr Bachchan’s 80th birthday:

The Big B impressed by the IIM grads, and they rewarded with 75 million Indian rupees. He had already triumphed in this competition once before.

A lot of people think of Goel as the smartest candidate from season 14 of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). An episode airing to honour Mr Bachchan’s 80th birthday shown. To honour the occasion, his relatives made an appearance.

The episode would have been remarkable even if the producers had known this candidate would be participating, but they didn’t. It was getting closer to the end, and Shashwat Goel had already answered 16 questions. He was now working on the INR 7.5 billion puzzles.

The biggest celebrity in Bollywood:

Everybody captivated and on the edge of their seats. In any case, Goel is no amateur if he can control the biggest celebrity in Bollywood. He had already amassed a long list of achievements before debuting on KBC. Proving his brilliance at a young age, he chosen to represent India at the international level in the Bournvita Quiz Contest, hosted by none other than current Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien.

Because of his academic excellence, he has named an NTSE scholar. He then attended IIIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow to get degrees in computer science and management, respectively.

Living like a rock star:

Even while pursuing his MBA, Goel never stopped living like a rock star. According to Unstop, he was the third most competitive leader of 2018. both students and organisations strive to recognised as the college community’s undisputed leaders.

He introduced himself modestly as a management strategist at KBC. When Mr Bachchan inquired as to what he did for a living, he said that his work required a “fusion of technical and management skills.”

Not long after his arrival, it became clear that he was more than just another white-collar worker. He reasoned his way through each answer. If you want to see the “science of deduction” in action, go no further than Goel. He elaborated on why that specific alternative made sense. Audience members quickly began drawing parallels between him and the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes.

Adulation of the crowd:

Goel received INR 75 lakh in cash in addition to the adulation of the crowd and The Big B. He unfazed by the loss of INR 7.5 Crores. His mother’s lifelong ambition had been to see him in charge someday, and he remembered that she had wished for that very thing. Goel tragically lost her during the epidemic, and ever since then, he has been on the prowl for a more rounded way of living. Read more: mountain dew game fuel mw2