4 Amazing Artists Featured at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts | epcot art festival menu

epcot art festival menu, The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is in full swing and will run until the 20th of February. The Walt Disney World’s top annual celebrations, the festival is a celebration of the process of creating, with stunning visual art displays amazing food and uplifting musical performances, epcot art festival menu.

While the whole celebration is an absolute joy but perhaps the most memorable element is the opportunity to look at original artwork that was specially created for the festival and get to meet the artists responsible for the creation. In the coming weeks, we’ll look at only a handful of skilled artists taking part.

Nidhi Chanani

Cartoonist, illustrator, and writer Nidhi Chanani will be back at this year’s Festival of the Arts this year. She will be at the France Pavilion with four brand new artworks specially created to be part of the festival.

In the year 2017 Chanani published her first graphic novel “Pashmina.” Two years later , the rights to her story were bought by Netflix to make motion film featuring Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham) who is scheduled to direct. In October of 2018 Chanani published her first graphic novel with Dark Horse entitled, “Jasmine’s New Pet,” which is based on the Disney film Aladdin.

The four pieces she’ll show, “Ticket to Believe,” “Good is a Thing You Do,” “You’re Never Without Me,” and “I Give My Hope to You,” take the inspiration for them to be inspired by Disney attractions, Pixar, and the revolutionary mini-series of 2022 Ms. Marvel. Like her other works they are masterpieces of color that convey an enthralling sense of wonder and joy, epcot art festival menu.

The piece was viewed on Instagram, Chanani stated of the Ms. Marvel-inspired work “I know I shouldn’t pick a favorite but… IT’S MY FAVORITE!”

The pieces will be on display for purchase throughout the festival. Chanani will be in the park to give talks beginning on February 13 until the 20th. To view more of her work, visit her website All Day Love.

Jerrod Maruyama

In an article from Astrum People, Jerrod Maruyama’s childhood was described like this: “Jerrod was born in and was raised within San Jose, California. In his early years, he was being apathetic at school, abstaining from organized sporting events and drawing. He began his career as a hacker and tried to duplicate his brother’s drawing of battle scenes as well as Godzilla.”

It sounds like an impressive start for me. And he’s turned the beginnings of his career into a successful career, creating art that is among the most captivating and distinctive art that you’re likely to ever put an eye on.

Through the decades, Maruyama has had clients that include Disney, Netflix, Target, Sesame Workshop, Dreamworks as well as Warner Bros., to only a handful of. The one thing you can be sure of when you see the latest Maruyama piece? It’s sure to be delightful.

The works designed in conjunction with The Festival of the Arts draw on Disney princesses as well as the Pixar film Turning Red, Pixar’s Luca as well as Journey Into Imagination with Figment. They are located at the Odyssey Pavilion, which is situated in between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion and Maruyama will be at this park for the duration of signing his artwork from February 10 to 14.

For more information on his many projects, check out his personal website.

Ashley Taylor

A long-running fan favorite, Ashley Taylor returns to this year’s festival with four pieces that are based around Moana, Tinker Bell, Rapunzel and Cinderella. Her exhibit can be seen at the France Pavilion, and she will be on display beginning January 13-21, as well as February 17 to 20.

Artist and illustrator who freelance living and working in California, Taylor first fell in love with art as a result of the movie Sleeping Beauty and has drawn inspiration from legendary Disney artists such as Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle. Through time, she has collaborated with companies like Disney, Marvel, and Studio Ghibli. One of her recent tasks was to work on the design of the new float for the finale of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

The pieces she has created this year are entitled “Find Your Way,” “The Best Day,” “I Believe” and “Wishing and Hoping,” the one that follows a collection of works that Taylor has created using Cinderella. In her piece about the piece inspired by Moana (Find your way), Taylor wrote, ” I wanted to portray Moana looking back at her progress through challenges, lessons and mentors along the way. Then, she decides she is at the right moment to be the leader she desires to be, knowing that she has the potential to develop new abilities and lessons to the residents of Motunui.”

To see a glimpse of each piece, and her other designs, go to her own Instagram page.