How Much Does an Energy Performance Certificate Cost in the United Kingdom?

An energy performance certificate cost, or EPC short for short, is among the numerous pieces of documentation you’ll require when you are selling or renting the property (if it’s a sale, make sure you check our list of documents you’ll need to ensure you’re covered as well).

An energy performance certificate cost will inform a prospective buyer or renter how efficient your home is and then rates it on an alphabetical scale ranging starting with G (lowest extremely unefficient) from A (highest highly efficient).

It’s a fee to obtain the EPC for your home. How much? Of course you don’t wish to spend hours browsing numerous price comparison websites we decided to do it for you. We’ll also provide all the details you require to know what EPCs are important, where you can purchase one, and what an acceptable price is.

Why do I require an EPC?

The requirement is legal simple and straightforward. You need an EPC prior to putting your property up for sale to sell or for rent. As an owner, you’ll be required provide the EPC to prospective tenants who have been approved when you can as all advertisements for the rental of the property should include the EPC rating.

Do you really think it is that important?

Yes. Since May, 2010 it is mandatory to possess an EPC regardless of whether you’re selling your property or renting it out. As of April of 2018, it is an obligation under the law for those who wish to let out a home in order to let it to new tenants be able to show an EPC in place that has an rating of E or greater. Since April 1, 2020, the minimal energy efficiency requirements (MEES) will also apply to homes with tenants. If you fail to adhere to these new regulations then you may be facing an enormous fine. Commercial buildings are subject to the deadline to comply is April 1st, 2023.

To find out if your EPC is still valid and if you’ll require updating it, take a look at our article titled what’s the duration of the EPC good for?

Therefore, it’s evident that you must get an EPC. But where can you find one? Who should you pick to make it happen? The estate agent you’re using to let or sell the property? Or, do you opt for an assessor independent of the property? This is our opinion on the most effective method of action…

You might have an EPC at present:

If your home was closed or sold within the last 10 years, there’s a possibility that your EPC may remain valid. To confirm, go to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government website and enter the necessary information. If the address you are looking for is on the list the site will show the EPC that shows the validity dates from and up to.


If you need renewal of your EPC How much should you budget for an upgrade? We conducted a test of a few third-party EPC assessors in the year 2018 and discovered that the claims of low EPC prices could be a little false. For instance, one site claimed to provide EPCs starting at PS30 however, when we entered information for various locations across all over the nation (a two-bedroom apartment in the city priced at PS200,000, and a suburban home with four bedrooms priced at PS430,000) The final price was significantly higher, energy performance certificate cost.

It is also important to remember that, without an EPC and an EPC, you are not able to advertise your home for lease or sale or rent, and you might have in the meantime for a third party assessment firm to complete the evaluation of the properties of others before they evaluate yours, thereby wasting valuable time if there’s a queue. If you decide to go the third-party assessor option, we suggest that you confirm the business you’re working with is properly accredited.

If you’d rather go with the tried and tested, traditional option of purchasing the EPC by contacting an estate representative, be prepared to pay between PS75 to PS120 for the certificate. However, on the bright side, reliant energy login, these assessors will be linked to the estate agent in a certain way, which means they be aware of the necessity (and are motivated) to move quickly. This means that they might be able to move quicker than an assessor from a third party, even though it will cost you a bit more.

If you’re keen to start moving on your home as quickly as you can, but do not have an EPC in place, it’s best to be safe and consult the estate agent you use – this will ensure that you are to market your home quickly and at a reasonable cost. Make sure you have an approved EPC assessor is conducting the assessment regardless of the method you decide to take.