Barstool sports spittin chiclets must be held accountable for the harm they can cause

Barstool sports spittin chiclets creator Dave Portnoy wrote “I never condone rape, but if you are a size 6 and wearing skinny jeans you kind of deserve to be raped, right.” Twelve years later, Portnoy stands by his claims, barstool sports spittin chiclets.

Barstool Sports has evolved into an entertainment company that has the valuation in excess of $400 million. The company has 13.6 million users on its Instagram account that is its own. From a first look, Barstool Sports appears to be an ordinary sports account on social media. But in reality, Barstool Sports has become an environment that promotes homophobia and toxic masculinity are prevalent as well as sexism, among other harmful messages are thriving.

It is obvious the “Barstool Sports Culture” has an enormous and rapidly growing influence, especially in the young male population. Therefore, it is essential to eradicate this cult that encourages and promotes dangerous behavior.

It is crucial to identify the primary causes as well as the effects and solutions to this issue Barstool Sports Culture. The underlying causes of Barstool Sports Culture manifest themselves in two ways. The first is the perpetuation of toxic behaviour and the inability to keep individuals to account. The bar’s support of the harmful behavior is not disputed.

Graphic by Alexandria Darmody

Its Media Matters article from Aug. 18, 2021, exposes an array of examples of this type of harmful behavior. It’s only essential to look at the frequent “games” on Barstool’s blog: “Guess that Ass,” “Guess the Rack” and “Twerk Tuesdays.” The most troubling part is that these pictures are posted without the permission of females. Comments are filled with Barstool men who have a smear on women’s bodies and describe them as merely the objects of their desire their.

The concerns that surround Barstool do not only revolve around race, but also more explicit. Resist Programming tweeted a video about Barstool on June 29, 20th in 20th. On the video, Barstool staff members questioned the legitimacy of the claim that a hate crime was committed by Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace in the event that a noose had been attached the garage of his.

Employees were told “You’d have to be fucking stupid” to believe that

The principles are later implemented into the activities that their fans follow. As per’s November 2021 study of the traffic on the internet for Barstool Sports, the site averaged 8.3 million visits between June and November 20, 2021. Barstool has established an empire that earns money from the cult and celebration of bad behaviour. This brings us to the second issue. Barstool’s lack of accountability.

On February 3, 2022, Insider updated their Nov. 2021 story in which three women were alleged by Portnoy of assault sexually. The revision was done after the women’s arrival at the tables. Portnoy recorded an intimate conversation without the women’s permission, and was seen with her in various ways that were not consensual. After the publication, Portnoy called the story as an “hit piece. “

Ryan Whittney, host of Barstool Sports’ hockey podcast “Spittin Chicklets,” responded that his show would not be feasible without Portnoy and stated that he believed Portnoy’s view was the truth. Instead of helping the victim, victim, Barstool Sports defended an suspected of being the perpetrator. The lack of accountability on the show could teach children that this behaviors are acceptable in society.

It’s not only about the company. Barstool supporters also have a tradition of intimidating journalist women. According to the Daily Beast reported on March 14 of 2019, female journalists were required to take down their accounts on social networks because Barstool supporters have targeted journalists for exposing Barstool. Female journalists merely spoke with The Daily Beast because they were able to remain in the dark, despite the fact that if they published their public posts and were subject to harassment the harassment would start.

Two major results of Barstool Sports Culture: its expanding influence in the globe and its formation of an echo chamber

A distinctive characteristic that is unique to Barstool is the sheer number of colleges that are affiliated companies. Around 350 schools are represented through Barstool accounts. They’re not linked to the school but are at the disposal by Barstool. This exposes a lot of students to negative effects of speech and conduct, blog.

It’s not just affiliates that demonstrate the growth of Barstool. The streaming service Sling TV announced on Sept. 3 of 2021 that it will be offering exclusive content. Barstool is now a separate streaming channel and preserving Barstool Sports Culture.

Another consequence is the turn to create an echo room. NBC News discussed how Barstool utilizes masculine, traditional ideas to grab attention in their article that was published on September. 21 2019.

Prof. Lisa Nakamura of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor states, “I think Barstool is an old-fashioned reference to the notion of the offensive you’re in your behavior, the more liberated you’re becoming as well as an attempt at cultural preservation initiative for brothers. .”

The article goes on to reveal that the following of Barstool almost doubled on Twitter during the #MeToo movement. The Barstool guys were searching for the perfect platform to get their anti-gay and sexist viewpoints be heard.

The echo chamber may be seen in Barstool’s blog’s posts. The blog posted on August. 29th, 2021, Barstool’s blog slammed a 2021 study in the name of Brigham Young University that concluded that boys who are member in “princess culture” are less likely to display characteristics of toxic masculinity. calling it “Possibly the most damaging study to date. “

The author of the blog wrote “Now I was a young boy at the time. I was exposed to princesses at an early age … The blog’s author will inform you that one of the main negative of these movies in relation to gender, princesses, or any other subject was that I always wanted to be the f***ing jerk. “

Instead of embracing the latest ideas, Barstool denigrates what they disagree on. The growing influence of the sphere, accompanied with the echo chamber leads to Barstool as the garbage it really is.

On a larger scale, it is important to get in touch with major leagues in sports as well as media firms such as Barstool as well as Sling, MLB and Sling who have voiced that they support Barstool. In an article from August. 9th, 2021, the Minnesota Star-Tribune explains the MLB and Barstool are looking into the possibility of having midweek MLB games to be streamed via Barstool.

you will find a letter you can mail to your favorite or local MLB teams, demanding they tell the MLB to stop interacting with Barstool and threatening that if they follow through, you will not attend games or watch them on TV.

The suggestion is that MLB and Sling should follow the example set by ESPN. The New York Times reported on October. 23rd, 2017. ESPN has withdrawn from its partnership with Barstool because of the fact that it was unable to defend the Barstool reputation for abuse and behavior.

Personal note: Be part of my private “Boycott Barstool” campaign on my Instagram account @boycottbarstool, to make people aware of the horrible effects of Barstool Sports. If you’re currently following Barstool and wish to unfollow them, do it. Report content that you find infuriating. Please share this information with friends who are also sharing Barstool information.

Take note of any brands Barstool owns and profits from, such as the famous “Saturdays are for the boys” flag, as well as the most loved beverage, Pink Whitney. Barstool is an online platform, thus it is not able to make money and external pressure may result in Barstool to change its policy or even be removed off the marketplace.

Since the beginning of time, Barstool has promoted toxic opinions to my generation that I grew up with. It’s high time they took responsibility, sports.