10 marla house for sale in faisal town lahore

Are you looking for a spacious and cozy home in Lahore’s lively Faisal Town? Don’t look any further! In this complete guide, we’ll look at the appeal of 10 marla houses available for auction located in Faisal Town in Lahore. From knowing the neighborhood to analyzing the characteristics of these houses we’ve got it covered. Let’s dive into the details, 10 marla house for sale in faisal town lahore.

Overview of Faisal Town, Lahore

Faisal Town stands as one of the most sought-after residential areas. recognized for its location, modern infrastructure and thriving community. The town is situated near landmarks, and with the convenience of accessing major highways, Faisal Town offers accessibility and convenience to its inhabitants. It is a mix of residential and commercial zones, which makes it a great choice for professionals, families as well as investors.

Understanding the Concept of a 10 Marla House

A house of 10 marla is typically a house that has a land size equal to 10 marlas equivalent to 2722.5 square feet, or 302.5 sq yards. These types of houses are popular with people who want to strike a balance between living space and affordability. With plenty of room to relax the 10 marla home allows for a variety of customization compatible to the individual homeowner’s needs.

Features to Look for in a 10 Marla House

If you are looking for a house that is 10 marla within Faisal Town, several features merit consideration. This could include:

  1. Large Layout Select an area that is well-portioned and an efficient floor layout to maximize space use.
  2. Modern amenities Search for homes that are equipped with modern conveniences like central heating and cooling systems, modern kitchens and smart home technology.
  3. Secure Environment: Make sure you choose the house within a gated community or in an area with strong security measures.
  4. Outside Spaces A well-maintained backyard or garden can add to living spaces, offering an area for relaxation and enjoyment.
  5. Qualitative Construction Check the construction materials’ quality and the craftsmanship to assure the durability and long-term viability.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Before you finalize your purchase it is important to take into consideration these factors:

  1. Budget Decide on your budgetary limits and investigate possibilities within your financial zone.
  2. Location Review the amenities in the area, their proximity to health facilities, schools and transportation hubs in order to determine the level of ease of access.
  3. Legal documentation Check the legal status of the property, including ownership documents, tax records or any decumbrances.
  4. Resale Value Analyze the potential of the property’s an rise in value over time, taking into consideration market dynamics and development opportunities.

Pricing and Market Trends

The cost of the 10 marla homes located in Faisal Town varies depending on factors like area, amenities, and the current market conditions. At the time of writing prices generally range from [price range], which reflects the region’s popularity and demand. It is recommended to speak experts on real estate or do thorough market research to make an informed choice.


In conclusion the purchase of an apartment of 10 marla situated in Faisal Town, Lahore, is a great option for those looking to combine a sense of convenience, comfort and worth. With its ideal area, modern infrastructure and numerous housing choices, Faisal Town continues to attract investors and homeowners alike. If you consider the most important elements and features described in this article to benefit you explore the real estate landscape without fear and find your perfect place to live in this vibrant area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do 10 marla homes located in Faisal Town appropriate for investment reasons?

Yes 10 marla homes located in Faisal Town are often considered profitable investment options due to the area’s increasing demand and potential an rise in the value of property.

What are the typical costs of houses with 10 marla located in Faisal Town? 

A Price for houses that are 10 marla located in Faisal Town typically range from (price range) based on factors like the location, amenities, as well as the condition of the property.

How do you assure legitimacy of an 10-marla house prior to purchasing it?

It’s crucial to perform thorough due diligence, which includes checking ownership documents, making sure all taxes are paid and confirming that there aren’t any legal encumbrances to the property.

Which facilities should I look for when choosing the perfect house for 10 marla located in Faisal Town?

Top amenities to look for might comprise modern-day kitchens and central heat/cooling systems, security features and well-maintained outdoor areas like lawns or gardens.